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With over 25 years in the construction and development industry, Hathaway Construction Ltd. operates as a consultant management and general contracting company whose expertise is in large multi-family high-rise, multi-family wood frame, public amenity, and commercial warehouse construction. With a diverse background and numerous types of projects achieved, Hathaway Construction has honed its technical and problem-solving skills.

With over 5,000 multi-family units completed to date, Hathaway Construction takes pride in meeting each client’s demands and taking a project from start to successful completion while adhering to budget and meeting time constraints.

Some of the roles and responsibilities offered include: project design; design control; coordination of all project architects, engineers, and consultants; liaison with all city engineering and building departments; preparing all project specifications and interior design concepts for all marketing sales centres; complete project estimating; contract negotiations and awarding of all construction contracts and documents; hiring of all supervisors and personnel; coordination of all site inspections; project scheduling; compiling of progress reports; troubleshooting all aspects of contractors and subtrades; and finally, ensuring quality control prior to the turnover of each unit to the purchaser.

To date we have worked with clients on billions of dollars in hard costs and project sales. Since 1986 Hathaway has worked with high-profile companies such as: Pacific Star Developments, VIAM Holdings, NewCorp Construction Ltd., MAP Developments Ltd., Gateway Pacific Construction Ltd., DeCotiis Development Corp., Seven Star Developments Ltd., Amacon Contruction Ltd., ONNI Developments, Mondiale Developments Ltd., and Pinnacle International.

Hathaway Construction takes pride in not only building homes but in building communities.

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